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Skin Care

In addition to world-class massages and facials, Mobile Spa Traveller provides several other skincare services including hair removal, cleansing scrubs, and several types of full-body wraps - including a seaweed wrap.

For an extra-special session, try pairing a Balinese Flower & Coconut Sugar Scrub or our Milk and Honey Wrap with one of our facials or massages. When Valerie finishes, you'll look and feel great!



 Valerie's facials heal, correct the appearance of existing damage and rejuvinate your skin's tone & quality. Your skin will be dramatically softer, smoother and more radiant with consistent treatment. Valerie's light touch and relaxing face massages are simply fabulous!


Hair Removal

Using Sharonelle Strip-less hard wax


Sharonelle Strip wax for sensitive skin with lavender and chamomile flowers 

Providing anti inflammatory protection, bactericidal, and anti allergenic.

Bath Salts and Soap

Body Scrubs

An Invigorating body scrub increases circulation, removes dead skin cells, smoothing and softening rough dry skin so it is soft and silky. The fresh new skin will better absorb a nourishing, healing, refreshing hydrating lotion.


Body Wraps

During a Body Wrap, excess fluids, and metabolic waste are removed, boosting the lymphatic system. Body contouring, skin tightening, and softening occurs. Deeply relaxing.

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