Massage Therapy

Every therapeutic massage

offered delivers results-oriented treatment. 

An initial assessment is made to address your unique condition and needs. Specific concerns are discussed so that the effectiveness of your massage therapy session will be maximized. For additional time and attention devoted to particularly problematic conditions, extended sessions are available.


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Classic European Method to improve circulation, relieve stress, stimulate the nervous system, ease fatigue and muscle tension. Flowing, soothing, continuous movements.

Craniosacral Therapy

CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of the body's craniosacral system. It enhances the body's natural healing processes is used increasingly as a preventative measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease and sustain overall good health.


Muscle manipulation. Hands and forearms are used from lighter to deeper pressure, coaxing myofascial release. Some stretching is blended in. A favorite of dancers and athletes. Focus is on specific problem areas.


This technique uses proprioceptors directly engaging in neuromuscular feedback. It is an active massage using resistance and movement. It re-educates muscles to relax, increasing their range of motion and the comfort of muscles

Sports/Deep Tissue 

Special attention is given to the manipulation of deep muscle tissues to relieve chronic stress. Particular focus is given to specific muscle groups used in active sports. Cross fiber work is used to break down adhesions, stretching and proprioceptive mobility may be used.

Stone Massage

This deeply centering therapy with heated smooth ocean stones brings about an intense calm and alleviates emotional stress. Warm stones are placed on acupressure points along the spine. Limbs and torso are massaged with select stones and semi-precious stones are placed along the chakra points in conjunction with specific essential oils.

Pregnancy Massage

This massage uses pillows and is given with you lying on your side, depending on your comfort position. It relaxes and eases the discomfort of low back ache, heavy legs, swollen feet and reduces emotional stress specifically experienced during pregnancy. Soothes tightness between shoulder blades and neck. Nurturing.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is done fully clothed on the floor. Very deep pressure on muscles and acupuncture meridians is applied. Valerie will use skillfully placed knees and feet to exert pressure on specific muscle groups. The meridian pathways and points will be used by applying deep pressure through out torso, limbs, face and head. Deep and gentle stretching is used in a yoga like style. You will feel fabulous, so alive and restored.

Treatment for Legs & Feet

Stimulating essential oils are vigorously massaged into legs and feet to pump out excess, sluggish fluids and acidic build up. Great for everyone, particularly the elderly and disabled.


Spiritual healing, using the Universal Life Force method received by Dr Usui Sensei. A gentle light touch is used along with specific visualizations to channel the positive intention of clearing, healing and protection.


Specific essential oils are incorporated into your massage to balance chakras or energy points or to simply appeal to the hypocampus to relax or energize profoundly as the fragrances trigger responses deep within. Aromatherapy massage encourages the release of chronic patterns of tension within minutes.


Heated herb infused oil massage. This is a cleansing, exfoliating, and relaxing massage in the Ayurvedic healing traditions of India. It smooths and soothes the skin and energy centers, bringing about calmness yet can be invigorating. Oil is removed with hot steamed towels. A truly spiritual experience!


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